Helping coaches turn players into active learners

Improve as a team with aerial videography and match analytics

A picture is worth a thousand words

High definition film can deliver exciting imagery and shots that elevate the game

Sports Aerial Videos provide positive and constructive feedback

Elevate the Player's ability to hone his or her skills









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Elevating the beautiful game!

Futbol Drones provides a unique view to a beautiful game. If a picture is worth a thousand words, high definition film can deliver exciting imagery and shots that elevate the game:

  • Elevate the Coach's ability to analyze, strategize and teach
  • Elevate the Player's ability to hone his or her skills
  • Elevate the Club/League leadership's ability to attract top talent
  • Elevate the Tournament Director's ability to attract top teams

Futbol Drones brings our expertise in sports aerial videography. We look forward to being a part of your team to elevate a beautiful game!

Learn what aerial video means for you


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Terrestrial vs Aerial Video

Aerial videography provides a visual learning experience that is unparalleled, allowing a coach or player to re-play the game from a vantage point that cannot be accessed from the ground. The ability to see angles of the game from the air, gaps in formation, plays and specific player performance brings an innovation to coaching and learning that enhances the potential of every coach and every player. Futbol drones takes an active role and hands-on approach in bringing highly customized aerial video tools to its clients.


Futbol Drones brings a new level of professionalism to a club, a big tournament and is a must-have addition to an athlete’s highlight reel

Futbol Drones is perfect for:

  • Coaches who want specialized aerial angles to identify gaps in formations and plays and to prime the learning of their players through post-game video session reviews
  • Players who want a unique highlight reel that demonstrates their skill and game IQ for a variety of uses (e.g. one-on-one training, college applications)
  • Referees who want a training tool for post-game call review, and ref development
  • League & Tournament Directors who want to capture the philosophy of their club or event for use in creating recognition and awareness, whether to share with the community or to attract top talent

Player Bio Tips

Many of us look back on our high school years and shudder.  Adolescence is already a challenge and for athletes looking to showcase their performance and contributions to potential...

"We've been extremely impressed with the work of Robert Duran and Futbol Drones.  We found Robert very easy to work with and his passion for the game really shines through.  The quality of the video exceeded our expectations and the highlight video he created of our soccer program has already helped our program tremendously in gaining more support.  He was reliable and highly responsive over the course of the project and really went above and beyond.  He took the extra time to understand not just what we wanted but who we are and how the video would best reflect that identity and mission. "

Nick Lusson

Soccer Director, Alameda County Deputy Sheriffs' Activities League / Sheriffs Fútbol Club, Club Services Coordinator, NorCal Premier Soccer , U14 Coach, San Francisco Elite Academy

Representative Clients Include

Mersey Soccer
Oakland Soccer Club
Richmond United
East Bay United